“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

– Henry Ford

Featured Systems

LGLT Ladders

Proud distributor of Little Giant Ladders USA. Ranging from DIY-type Ladders to Specialised Industrial Ladders. With more than 50-years' experience in the ladder industry, Little Giant Ladders is a Global Leader in this sector.

LGLT Mobile Towers

As official distributor in Southern Africa, LGLT is proud to supply Altrex Aluminium Towers. The MiTower Series in the above photo is one of the most popular rental systems in the World and it is quickly gaining momentum in Southern Africa. The Plus System reaches a platform height of 6,2m and can be assembled by a single person in less than 20 minutes. Industrial solutions are based n the same assembly method but allows for wider platforms and heights of up to 14,2m. As Class 3 type systems under EN1004, these systems are certified to carry loads of up to 750 kg per tower which renders it feasible for most working at height requirements.

Explore Possibilities

In collaboration with Structural Engineers, Architects, & Developers, LGLT successfully  deployed a number of specialised solutions to support relatively complex tasks.

Some Examples:

Flexibility, Mobility, & Engineered Safety allows interesting deployment across a wide range of applications.